Home Owner's Association Information

75-292 Malulani Drive.
Malulani Gardens

The homeowners at Malulani Gardens elect a board of directors to manage the property in accordance with the CC&R's that were established when the property was planned. They have done a nice job of maintaining the property.

There were three phases. Except for Phase One (the homes closer to the ocean where water service is provided by the County water department) they share a private water system and pay a fee of $25 per month to maintain it. The actual water use is metered and billed monthly along with the sewer fee and monthly HOA fee. Currently the fees are:

$94.74 (HOA Fee include basic maintenace plus trash pick up)
$25.00 (Water System Fee)
$27.67 (Sewer)

$10.00 (Reserve Assessment)

$157.41 (Subtotal) Add to this water use (for this home usually between $30 and $50/mo) Ask agent to see actual bills.

For a copy of the CC&R's please email the listing agent. A brief explaniation of some the restrictions people most often ask about follows:

The homes are to be used as Single Famly homes.

Commercial use is restricted to Home Occupation as further defined in CC&Rs...

Owners may have up to 2 pets of no more than 100 lbs. each further defined...